When I was about four years old, my brother (17 months older than me) and I mixed paint and cement from my father’s garage and sloshed it all onto the sides of our weatherboard house. Making masterpieces on walls has remained a passion to this day. I love to draw on anything big.

If you’re keen for a painted wall and you’re trusting and brave enough to let me go crazy, then my wife and I will jump in our van or hop on a plane and come and see you. I draw fast (used to work for Walt Disney) and with some help from you, your family, school children or the broader community of friends, colleagues and grandparents, we’ve managed to create murals in as little as two days.

I expect four to five days to complete a large mural (see images from the Taree library). The Taree Library mural was created in five days with me working alone for the first day while staff watched and agreed on ideas. To finish was another four days of painting with a team of about half a dozen volunteers.

If you’re interested email me to discuss price, logistics, possibilities and timing.


Below are images from the murals created for the Manning Valley Library in Taree and Heron’s Creek Primary School.