Mutt Dog

What can I say? Everyone loves Mutt Dog. A perpetual favourite! Dog lovers, savers and protectors around the world write to me and express how much this book means to them.

Once again it’s “basically” a true story (plus a little authors licence). I owned a dog called Muttley. He lived on the streets and kept visiting a halfway house where my sister was a volunteer worker. She knew I was a scruffy mutt and that together me and this dog would suit each other perfectly. Take note of the red headed character. It’s my wife, and you’ll soon notice she makes cameo’s in all my books.

overseas additions

Mutt Dog has been published in Brazil, UK, China, Portugal, Korea, France, Holland, USA and Taiwan.



YABBA Picture Story Book – Winner

KOALA Picture Book of the Year – Cool Award

CBCA Book of the Year: Early Chilhood – Honour Book

CBCA Picture Book of the Year–Shortlist


KIND (National Assoc for Humane and Environmental Education) – Children’s Honour Book

Scholastic Australia

First imprint: 2004



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Brinquebooks (Brazil)