Gibblewort the Goblin

The Goblin series was fun to create. Apart from the fact that I kept all my scribble in the illustrations, the design was done by my friend Jobi Murphy. We sat together at my dining room table and discussed how messy I could be. I can be pretty messy.

For the Goblin in the Bush Cover (which won an Australian Publishing Association design award) the background/foreground wash on the cover art is inspired by Arthur Boyd’s style. There’s also a touch of Ralph Steadman. I then stuck a messy goblin/echidna over the top and inked the title in splats. 

Gibblewort was a great little character to have around. We hung out together for seven books, and his mischievous ways kept me entertained on every page.

Below are the original covers of each book.

Random House, Australia




Penguin Books Australia