Emily Loves to Bounce

Even though I was always asked “not to” I loved jumping on my Mum and Dad’s bed. My children loved jumping on our bed. It’s a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Emily is a happy little book about imagination and play, filled with lots of boing, boing, boing!

Emily Loves to Bounce was turned into a fabulous production by the Patch Theatre Company. It’s a production based on my first four books The Man Who Loved Boxes, Patricia, Henry and Amy and Emily Loves to Bounce. The show encapusulated everything I would ever wish for a child to experience when it comes to the language of theatre. 

In 2017, “Emily Loves to Bounce” was relaunched for another Australian National tour.

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Emily Loves to Bounce has been published in Brazil, Canada, Korea and the USA.

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Emily Loves to Bounce Theatre Production (youtube)