Bear and Rat

When I first read Bear and Rat, I wrote ‘elemental’ on the edge of the manuscript. The opening scene with the wind was one of my first sketches. It gave the characters a lightness of being, a youthfulness that needed expression early in the text. As the story progresses, we see metaphorical moves through the seasons of change. The two characters journey to their unknown destination, prepared with tea and umbrellas; but when the rain comes, they’re defenceless. Rat is gently carried through to the last page. It brews my emotions every time I read it. 

Rarely does a story this authentic come my way. Rarely do I feel as privileged to illustrate a project. I hope the world notices its nuances, and that Bear and Rat find their way into the hearts of everyone.

Penguin Random House Australia
An imprint of Puffin Books
First published in 2021



Bear and Rat - Penguin

Bear and Rat Review